Most of my current research projects relate to performance measurement, the (mis)use of numbers and statistics and/or business ethics. Below, you can find a brief description of my most recent projects that are now working papers. Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about these research projects.

time-for-change-sign-with-led-light-2277784.jpgFamily firms and the deinstitutionalization of stewardship
(with Leon Stam)
Using a case study, we study the role of performance measures and other management accounting instruments in a family firm, after a private equity fund acquired a majority stake. We find that some accounting instruments facilitate the deinstitutionalization of stewardship characteristics such as interpersonal trust and a low power distance.


Expert systems, numbers, and trust in a local COVID-19 response
(with Dominic Detzen, Lukas Loehlein and Till Remmers)
Informed by insights from the sociology of quantification and Giddens’ notion of expert systems, this paper explores how the COVID-19 crisis was presented and represented during the “first wave” of the pandemic. The Robert Koch Institute’s continued attempts to render visible the elusive virus and “quantify the crisis” through numbers, calculative practices and statistics undermined rather than strengthened trust in the institute as an expert system. As the crisis offered access points to expert systems and opened the black box of the production of infection numbers, both the media and counter-quantifications began to shape the narrative of the pandemic, leading to an erosion of trust in the expert system.