Teaching case autonomous vehicles

Sensor areas for environment observation

Which moral choices does an autonomous car face? And what are the strategic implications for companies that offer products relying on artificial intelligence? My colleague Maya Kumar and I recently published a teaching case at IVEY Publishing about the Audi A8: The world’s first level 3 autonomous vehicle, addressing these and other questions. 

The teaching case brings together strategic business decisions and ethical dilemma’s, while simultaneously presenting background information on Audi and autonomous vehicles. The case can be used in courses on strategy, business ethics and entrepreneurship and comes with an elaborate teaching note.

The learning objectives we defined for the teaching case are:

  • understand first-mover advantages, competition in an emerging and disruptive industry, and the speed and emergence of technology development;
  • address the ethical decisions that companies can encounter regarding technology development and the role of stakeholders, such as customers and regulators, in shaping these decisions; and
  • consider how a company in an established industry may be willing to develop and promote a new product that is in line with current technology trends but also has the potential to cannibalize its core business.

An earlier version of the case was used during the first BBA Business Challenge (2019) at IE Business School in Madrid and Segovia, together with the case on sustainable fashion brand ECOALF.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to receive more information about the case, or visit the IVEY Publishing website to order an inspection copy.

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