Publication: A review of performance measurement research

Recently, my paper “Performance measurement in the public sector: Mapping 20 years of survey research” was published in Financial Accountability and Management, a scientific journal dedicated to study management practices in governments, charities and public services.

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Terugkijken: De Meetmaatschappij #2 LIVE @ Pakhuis de Zwijger (Onderwijs, Cito-toetsen, cijfers)

Op 7 september vond de tweede aflevering van de serie “De Meetmaatschappij” plaats in Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam. Experts, academici, professionals en publiek gingen met elkaar in gesprek over de zin en onzin van meten, toetsen en ranglijsten in het onderwijs. De avond werd voorgezeten door Natasja van den Berg, en andere gasten waren: prof. dr. Gerdien Bertram Troost (VU Amsterdam), prof. dr. Martijn Meeter (VU Amsterdam), dr. Karen Heij (toetsexpert), Linda Spierings (Marcanti College) en Daniella Joynes (Plan B).

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Note on motivating civil servants


The journal Public Money & Management (PMM) has both an academic and a practitioner readership, and called for contributions to a special issue about developing civil servants. A brief note on motivating civil servants that I submitted was published online this week.

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Why business education needs to integrate ethics and technics


[An edited and shortened version of this article was published in The Guardian.]

Although topics in business education such as accounting and finance may seem merely technical, they often bear major ethical implications. Business education should therefore aim to make students aware of the moral side of business decisions.

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New publication in Accounting Education


Last week, I published a paper in Accounting Education about the presence (and absence) of ethical considerations in management accounting textbooks..

Drawing on the work of Alisdair MacIntyre, I argue that management accounting (MA) instruments such as performance measurement are not morally neutral, but instead bear moral implications. Therefore, I contend that MA students should be trained to take these moral implications into consideration alongside MA’s technical aspects. A content analysis is carried out to examine the integration of ethical considerations in top-ranked MA textbooks.

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